Inmarsat Prepping for Higher Speed Satcom

 - June 5, 2022, 9:38 PM

Satellite network operator Inmarsat is upgrading its network to increase broadband satcom speed for JetConneX business jet customers. The new JX Evolution Ka-band service will offer higher speeds, expected to be more than the 130 Mbps that has been tested using Inmarsat's existing satellite network.

Inmarsat’s technology roadmap includes seven additional satellite payloads that will be added to its Ka-band constellation, which will make for a total of 12. Next year, two Inmarsat-6 satellites will be launched. These will be followed by two more that will be launched in elliptical orbits to serve customers flying in higher latitudes and across the Arctic. The final three satellites will be launched in geostationary orbit, which will add more speed, capacity, and resilience, according to Inmarsat.

“Speeds in excess of 130 Mbps are exciting and customers can expect even higher numbers as we launch more advanced satellites in the coming years,” said Kai Tang, Inmarsat head of business aviation. "Our fully-funded technology roadmap will offer more than enough capacity to meet the needs of existing and future customers through to 2030 and beyond.”

Inmarsat will offer new service plans when JX Evolution services become available. So far JetConneX terminals have been installed on more than 1,150 aircraft.