Bizjet Mobile Launches First Low-cost Certus Satcom

 - June 9, 2022, 11:55 PM

At $24,990, Bizjet Mobile’s new Certus BizjetInternet system is the lowest-cost aviation satcom that works on Iridium’s Certus network, which offers much higher speeds than the original Iridium constellation. The Certus BizjetInternet system uses a Certus 100 module, which allows emailing and SMS and WhatsApp text messaging.

Monthly service costs $599 and includes unlimited emailing and texting; live internet connectivity at up to 88 Kbps is available on a pay-for-data basis. BizjetInternet makes efficient use of the Certus 100 bandwidth by “shutting down all background activity,” according to Bizjet Mobile, which "eliminates bill shock." Messaging is done via Bluetooth, using a dedicated app, with internet access using Wi-Fi “only when they need it.”

The first installation of BizjetInternet is on BizjetMobile’s Gulfstream G450. Victoria, Australia-based ASiQ manufactures the satcom systems for BizjetMobile.

“BizjetInternet is a paradigm shift for the corporate executive who needs unlimited global connectivity without the massive price tag,” said BizjetMobile CEO Adam Chapman. “With over a decade of corporate customers flying on Iridium, we have learned that corporate executives don’t surf the internet; they just want to say in touch with the office, family, and friends. Our unique Bluetooth app allows operators to stay connected the entire flight and control what they spend.“