Astronics Unveils Next-gen Cabin Wireless Access Point

 - June 13, 2022, 12:13 PM

Astronics has introduced CabinAXe, a cabin wireless access point (CWAP) that is compatible with the recently adopted Wi-Fi6E standard for greater connectivity in the aircraft cabin. Wi-Fi6E uses 1.2 GHz of unlicensed spectrum in the 6-GHz band that enables faster speeds and less congestion.

New York-based Astronics claims it is the first in the industry to deliver a Wi-Fi6E-compatible CWAP and is doing so in part to account for future applications and classes of personal electronic devices. Its new CWAP is also backwards compatible with previously released Wi-Fi bands and standards and is ready for line-fit applications, according to the company.

“Delivering blazing-fast Wi-Fi performance and increased throughput for added reliability, CabinAXe is a powerful demonstration of our commitment to passenger experience,” said Astronics connectivity systems and certification president Mike Kuehn. “Added sensing capabilities for internet of things applications and integration with Summit Line components demonstrates our attention to existing in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems with a strong look to the future in the cabin.”