Gama Aviation Brings Glasgow FBO Screening In-house

 - August 31, 2022, 11:39 AM
Gama Aviation—which operates FBOs in Sharjah, UAE (OMSJ), Jersey Airport (EGJJ), and Glasgow, Scotland (EGPF)—has introduced in-house security screening at the latter, improving service for its large aircraft charter customers. (Photo: Gama Aviation)

Gama Aviation has introduced in-house security screening at its FBO at Scotland’s Glasgow International Airport (EGPF), making it the first service provider there to do so. Tom Murphy, Gama’s head of FBOs, told AIN that most privately-owned aircraft are not required to be screened, depending on weight and/or the number of seats. However, any charter aircraft with an mtow of more than 10 tonnes (22,046 pounds) do require screening.

Normally, those passengers and crews are required to undergo security clearance at the airline terminal, and Gama believes that its investment to bring screening service to its facility will provide an increase in efficiency for customers. Further, Gama added that not only will they receive a smoother service offering but charter operators and brokers will gain further confidence in selling trips through the airport on larger airframes by eliminating that hurdle.

“We have never been comfortable that business jet clients departing on charter flights have been handled away from the FBO in a non-VIP environment,” said Murphy, who added that bringing in security clearance has always been a top priority at the Glasgow facility. “We are very much looking forward to seeing the results and providing a true VIP handling experience, as it’s meant to be. It will now take only a matter of minutes for passengers departing on charter trips to seamlessly board their aircraft.”