New GlobalAir System Aims To Identify Scammers

 - September 22, 2022, 11:17 AM
GlobalAir's new system is aimed at preventing sellers and brokers from becoming victims of a scam. (Photo: AIN photo illustration with images from GlobalAir)

GlobalAir has developed a scam reports system to ferret out bad actors posing to buy an aircraft. The system evaluates questionable people or companies showing interest in an aircraft through a database that allows brokers to input names, email addresses, telephone numbers, companies, and the scam that’s being pushed.

The system is free and accessible to any professional aircraft broker or firm with a GlobalAir account and login. “We are a first in the aviation industry to identify this problem and develop a universal solution that can be used by all professional aircraft brokerage firms,” said GlobalAir president and CEO Jeffrey Carrithers.

Scam reporting is the latest tool developed by GlobalAir to deter scams, email spam, and viruses. The Louisville, Kentucky-based company also has internal systems that locate and remove suspicious people and companies that submit inquiries on the aircraft for sale section of GlobalAir’s website. Scam prevention begins with checking all email addresses through an automatic verification process. Analytics staff also watch for patterns that show deliberate signs of deceiving the system. That’s followed up by GlobalAir notifying those who have been contacted by the scam artist.

“These countless illegal submissions cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in scams each year, not counting the amount of time and energy the brokerage industry puts into researching a person,” Carrithers said.