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Garmin Certifies GI 275 as Backup Instrument in Falcon 7X

 - October 18, 2022, 11:32 AM

The FAA has issued a supplemental type certificate (STC) for installation of Garmin’s GI 275 electronic flight instrument in the Falcon 7X, replacing the original secondary flight display. This is the first dedicated GI 275 STC for a Part 25-certified business jet. Other Falcon model STCs are planned, as well as an approved model list STC to cover a variety of Part 25 aircraft.

According to Garmin, the upgrade could include two GI 275s—one as primary and configured as an attitude-direction indicator (ADI) with synthetic vision system information and another on the copilot’s side configured as a multifunction display.

Both GI 275s are integrated with existing systems in the 7X, including flight control, inertial navigation, air data, and flight management systems.

When configured as the ADI or primary instrument, the GI 275 can display flight path, attitude, heading, altitude, airspeed, and vertical speed, along with localizer, ILS, and VOR approach cues. The copilot’s GI 275 can display backup GPS information in case the aircraft’s GPS sensors fail.

As a multifunction display, the copilot’s GI 275 has pages with a course deviation indicator and horizontal situation indicator with or without a moving map. On the map, pilots can view terrain, obstacles, traffic, airspace, airways, SafeTaxi diagrams, and information about waypoints and points of interest.

GI 275s include Bluetooth connectivity, which can be used to facilitate flight plan transfer from the aircraft’s flight management system to the Garmin Pilot EFB app. Pilots can also update the GI 275 navigation database via Wi-Fi with a smart device using the Garmin (Booth 4827) Connext and Database Concierge.