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Starr Insurance Launches Safety Partners; APS Among First To Join

 - October 18, 2022, 8:01 AM
Aviation Performance Solutions is one of the partners seleted for Starr Insurance’s new safety program. (Photo: Starr Insurance)

Aviation insurance solutions provider Starr Insurance (Booth 3014) has developed a program to maximize a business aviation company’s savings and operational safety. The Starr Safety Partnership program, announced today, provides access to a portfolio of premium service providers at a significant discount. The program focuses on the entire life cycle of aircraft ownership, with an emphasis on safety and cost-efficient operations.

“The Starr Safety Partnership provides Starr clients access to preferred pricing with many of the best-in-class aviation service providers,” said Starr assistant v-p, director of safety and loss control Andrew Madison. “The partnership includes services focused on the entire aircraft ownership life cycle that increase operational savings and promote safety, safety management system facilitation, and training. It also gives the aircraft owner an extra measure of safety assurance, all to help our clients enhance the safety of their operations and reduce losses.” 

The Starr Safety Partnership includes twelve service providers that “are well known in the industry for providing top-notch solutions and customer service,” according to Madison. “This was confirmed by our first-hand experience with some of the service providers and client feedback.”

One featured safety partner, Aviation Performance Solutions (APS, Booth 2081) is dedicated to training pilots to overcome the leading cause of aviation fatalities—loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) accidents. APS offers a proven upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) system that uses academics, on-aircraft flight training, and advanced simulators to curb the threat of LOC-I, all taught by a group of well-qualified instructors.

“APS has an industry-leading reputation for excellence and innovation in the general aviation upset recovery training space, both in the classroom and in practice, applying the classroom learning with customers in their fleet of aircraft in Arizona [and around the world],” said Starr senior v-p and chief underwriting officer Kyle Sparks.   

Loss of Control In-flight Prevention

APS’s stated mission is to “crush the LOC-I threat globally by partnering with ‘safety champions’ to accelerate the adoption of life-saving APS upset training,” APS CEO Paul “BJ,” Ransbury said. “Starr Insurance’s Safety Partnership Program is an extraordinary opportunity for Aviation Performance Solutions to be on mission by partnering with Starr Aviation and its noble safety program.

“We help pilots bring everyone home safely, and Starr’s solutions support aviation safety at every stage of aircraft ownership. It allows us to broaden our reach and continue to be on the forefront of saving lives.”

Offering unique and innovative solutions to its UPRT program makes APS a top-tier training provider for a diverse set of operators. “APS is unmatched in its total integrated solution to UPRT. We have dedicated our core services for over 25 years to overcome the loss of control inflight: the number one fatal threat to every pilot on every flight,” Ransbury said

He added, “Our solution to LOC-I has been recognized internationally for its proven, comprehensive multi-day integrated program that includes academic, on-aircraft (both piston and jet), advanced simulator, and type-specific virtual reality. APS is the only organization that has the most comprehensive solution in the industry and will contribute directly to the operational safety of Starr’s vast and differentiated customer base.”

The LOC-I threat is real and almost always fatal, APS executive v-p of standards and compliance Clarke McNeace said. “LOC-I is unequivocally every pilot’s number-one threat every time they are airborne. ICAO, FAA, EASA, and numerous other industry stakeholders have all acknowledged this threat and have required or recommended integrated on-aircraft, simulator, and academic UPRT to address this unique and critical skill set for every pilot.”

APS offers a comprehensive and immersive UPRT experience that is adaptable to Starr’s diverse client base of fixed-wing aircraft operators ranging from single-pilot piston to multi-crewed, high-performance business jets. “APS provides customized fixed-wing UPRT solutions for each of the industry sectors through its 'Every Pilot In Control Solution StandardTM,'" McNeace said. "It brings transformative, life-saving training tailored to each pilot’s operating environment and equipment. Our UPRT programs are designed with three main factors in mind: first, how the pilot operates—single pilot or crewed—and mission type; secondly, where they operate—VFR/IFR, low altitude, high altitude, etcetera; and the specific type and class of airplane they operate to minimize the gaps in their risk management of LOC-I.” 

Aviation Performance Solutions aims to help Starr Insurance clients reduce the risk of loss of control.
Aviation Performance Solutions aims to help Starr Insurance clients reduce the risk of loss of control. (Photo: Starr Insurance)

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training for the Business Aviation Operator

According to Ransbury, “For executive, corporate, business aviation, and on-demand operators (Part 135/125)—the bizav operator—the biggest challenge faced is being well behind UPRT solutions being implemented by Part 121 air carriers through the implementation of FAR 121.423 'Pilots – Extended Envelope Training.'”

He added, “While Part 121 operators are implementing this limited simulator-only solution, it is considerably more than what is being implemented by bizav in general. The good news is that this partnership with Starr and APS will allow far more effective and robust UPRT solutions through minor, and in some cases cost-neutral, investments in progressive, proven effective, and fully comprehensive UPRT and aviation safety.”

Reducing risk in aviation is a priority for insurers and operators alike. The Starr Safety Partnership Program provides a multitude of options for operators to reduce risk.

Madison said “the program expands on their experiences and pilot skills through APS, AirCare International, and Advanced Air Crew Academy. Another benefit is in enhancing or developing our clients’ safety management system with the help of Argus, AviationManuals, or Polaris Aero to effectively manage safety and reduce losses.” Beyond safety, Madison added, “The program will also reduce operating costs; as an example, JSSI serves to ensure standardized maintenance and reduce aircraft downtime.”

The Safety Partnership Program is available to any Starr client operating under Part 91 or Part 135. Starr’s Sparks said that “a generally accepted principle is that investments in safety over the long-term lead to safer and more profitable organizations with fewer accidents, a happier workforce, and less downtime for company resources.”

He added, “Some of the Starr Safety Partners, such as JSSI, are able to deliver cost savings and expanded coverage to Starr customers due to their industry-leading capabilities. There is no premium discount for using the Starr Safety Partnership Program; the program is a Starr initiative to help the insureds and the industry foster a safer environment for operating aircraft.”