Overcoming Avionics Obsolescence in Legacy Business Jets

Overcoming Avionics Obsolescence in Legacy Business Jets

April 19, 2021

1:30 - 2:30pm ET

Airplanes are built to fly for decades and ideally, a well-maintained airplane will provide many years of safe and reliable service. However, the longer an airplane flies, it’s inevitable that the avionics will need to be upgraded. With fast-moving technology, required safety mandates, and parts obsolescence, compliance with regulatory standards and overcoming technology barriers can be challenging for legacy jet owners and operators. 

An airplane’s flight deck can go from cutting-edge to outdated in only a handful of years. When that happens, it’s a challenge to determine which retrofit upgrade is the best fit for your airplane. There is much to consider, including making sure it’s the right fit for the aircraft, adds to safety and operational capabilities, is financially feasible, and just as important, future proof. These considerations often force aircraft owners and operators to weigh the cost of a flight deck upgrade against the current market value of the aircraft.   
Join us as Chad Trautvetter, News Editor of AIN Publications, moderates this discussion with Dan Schwinn, Founder and CEO, Avidyne, and Dan Reida, Director, Business Aviation, Avidyne.

We will discuss avionics obsolescence in the legacy business jet market and the proactive approach avionics manufacturers are taking to make retrofit upgrades more affordable and manageable. We’ll also highlight the flight deck experience, simplifying the pilot’s role, and how Artificial Intelligence will drive new avionics safety and operational efficiency capabilities.

What the audience will learn: 
- The many challenges of flight deck obsolescence in legacy business jets 
- How manufacturers are taking a more proactive, manageable approach to retrofit upgrades
- The future of aviation innovation and the flight deck experience